My Arrival   

My Arrival


This poem was written by the renowned writer Jo Nketiah of the Restorers Home.

Just as I deeply relate to this, I see no need to touch the original work of the writer. However, I have broken down its complexities and meaning per how I relate to it and I do hope you find your true purpose.  MY ARRIVAL

 In one of her poems, Jo Nketia writes;

I know I am searching, searching for something, 

But I haven’t found it yet. 

I know it’s insane any day to admit, that there’s something 

Huge and bigger than life itself out there I am yet to explore. 

Something bigger than memories and moments, 

and Where I have been and the faces I have seen. 

Something huge embedded right in the core of the universe. 

It’s like how fog blurs the thousands of trees on top of a mountain, 

Making it impossible to dream that in there is a grandiose circus of life

of every species of trees, and animal and all living creatures, 

We can bring ourselves to believe exists. 

And that something I feel draws me nearer to the truth of my very existence. 

That something makes me pause and listen to the conversation of birds, 

Makes me look up at the clouds, and 

Makes me pay attention to my very own breathing, 

Makes me love, 

Makes me feel deeply immersed in gratitude and fall into the deep abyss of solitude, 

Makes me laugh some days without reason, 

Makes me cry without a cause, 

Makes me quiet, 

Un-existing and found all together in one piece, 

Makes me want to get up one day and explore this world 

I have only arrived and been born into, 

Because the world has been there billions of years ago, and 

No matter how old I am, it always feels like I am only arriving, 

And I am neither too late nor too early to be embraced by its warmth.  

©️Jo Nketia – Thoughts From A Wild Dreamer

Video narration, Click here.To Everyone Searching for Meaning:

 If you find yourself in search of meaning and purpose in life, take inspiration from this poem. Recognize that your yearning for something greater than your current experiences is natural. Embrace the desire to delve into the depths of existence and explore beyond the boundaries of everyday perception. Just as fog obscures the view of a mountain, know that mysteries await beyond what you can currently see. 

Seek a connection with nature, engage in introspection, and pursue the truth. Observe the world around you with wonder, listen to the conversations of birds, and marvel at the beauty of clouds. Cultivate a deep appreciation for the intricacies of life. Remember, the journey to discover meaning is eternal, and the world is always inviting you to explore and embrace its wonders. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with the profound wisdom hidden within the words and your own soul. 

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