Inspiring Patriotism and Volunteerism for Ghana’s Youth

In this exciting conversation with Mr. Ato Ulzen-Appiah, the co-founder of Ghana Think Foundation, we embark on a journey to unravel the inspiration driving the organization’s impactful initiatives. Together, we explore pressing issues such as youth patriotism and the transformative role of volunteerism.

Ghana Think Foundation’s Mission

Ghana Think Foundation is on a mission to mobilize and organize talent for the primary benefit of Ghana. Mr. Ato Ulzen-Appia emphasizes the vision of building a critical mass of young Ghanaians who embody qualities such as patriotism, passion, positivity, proactivity, progressiveness, and productivity. This vision is the driving force behind the annual bar camps organized across the country.

Youth Patriotism: A Concerning Trend?

The conversation shifts towards the perception of declining youth patriotism in Ghana. Mr. Appiah acknowledges the varied phases in Ghana’s growth, highlighting that patriotism has been a concern at different points in history. However, he cautions against generalizations, noting that not all Ghanaians are disenchanted with the idea of their country. He stresses the need to separate political disillusionment from love for the nation, encouraging citizens to criticize politicians without losing their love for Ghana.

The Call for Increased Volunteerism

Mr. Appiah is actively involved in organizing volunteerism events, including National Volunteers Day. He addresses the misconception about reduced volunteerism, emphasizing that awareness has increased since 2015. He advocates for a shift in perspective, urging youth to recognize the personal benefits of volunteering, such as networking, skill development, and opportunities. In a society where remuneration is often expected, he suggests that both volunteers and organizations seeking their assistance find ways to create mutual incentives.

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Motivating Youth in Volunteerism

The discussion turns towards motivating youth to engage in volunteerism. Mr. Ato emphasizes the importance of understanding the selfless yet beneficial nature of volunteering. He encourages potential volunteers to look beyond immediate compensation, emphasizing the long-term gains in terms of personal growth and community impact. Incentives, such as networking opportunities and skill enhancement, should be integral to volunteer programs.

In conclusion, our conversation with Mr. Ato Ulzen-Appia sheds light on the commendable initiatives of Ghana Think Foundation and the challenges and opportunities faced by the youth of Ghana. As we navigate the landscape of personal and national development, fostering a sense of patriotism and encouraging volunteerism emerge as crucial components for a brighter future.

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