Hidden In Silence Are My Loudest Voices

Hidden In Silence Are My Loudest Voices

This heartfelt poem, “HIDDEN IN SILENCE ARE MY LOUDEST VOICES,” beautifully encapsulates the journey of self-discovery and the power of unleashing one’s innermost thoughts and emotions. It reminds us that often, our most profound experiences are concealed within, waiting to be expressed and shared with the world.

My journey from keeping these voices locked away to letting them soar is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of vulnerability and authenticity. By sharing my pain, struggles, joy, and triumphs, I not only find a deeper connection with others but also inspire and support those who may be on a similar path.


Hidden in silence are my loudest voices,
Echoing in the chambers of my mind,
A symphony of thoughts and emotions,
That I keep locked away, confined.

Sometimes they whisper, sometimes they scream,
A discord of pain and joy,
But I keep them hidden, unseen,
Afraid of what they might destroy.

For years I’ve kept them bottled up,
Afraid of the judgment of others,
But in doing so, I’ve lost the cup,
That overflows with life’s wonders.

I’ve learned that to be truly alive,
I must let my voices sing,
To let my feelings thrive,
And let my heart take wing.

It’s not always easy to let go,
To open up and be vulnerable,
But I’ve found that in doing so,
I become more relatable.

My pain and struggles are not unique,
Others have been there too,
And by sharing my truth, I seek,
To help others see it through.

My joy and triumphs, too,
Are not meant to be hidden,
For they inspire others to pursue,
Their own dreams, unbidden.

So here I am, with my voice loud,
Sharing my heart with the world,
Unafraid to stand out from the crowd,
And let my true self unfurl.

For hidden in silence are my loudest voices,
And I’ve learned to let them soar,
To embrace life’s many choices,
And be who I was meant to be, and more!

©️Thoughts From A Wild Dreamer

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