Explore Exciting Funding Opportunities at 17 USA Universities!

Explore Exciting Funding Opportunities at 17 USA Universities

Unlock your academic potential with these prestigious universities that are not only waiving application fees but also offering full funding and scholarship opportunities. Don’t miss your chance to pursue higher education in the United States!

🔍 Check out the details below:

1:  Northwestern Oklahoma State University(No application fee , scholarship available) APPLY HERE

2: University of Southern Maine – Apply Here

 3: Wayne State University. (For Graduate the application is waived, for Bsc use the code “WSU2024)  (graduate GTA available) Apply Here 

4: Missouri University of Science & Technology – Apply Here 

5: University of Dayton (All programs are waived) Apply Here

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6: Northeastern University, College of Engineering –  (Engineering course free application fee) but all PhD programs get funding. Apply Here

 7: Michigan Tech University. charges only processing fee of $10. (PhD funding is available) Apply Here

8: Notre Dame University.(they have application fee but 100% funding) All the admitted Masters and PhD students get full funding. No tuition fee is attached.   70% of Bachelor’s students get scholarship. Apply Here

9: University of Colorado Boulder; (No application fee for all PhD programs) Apply Here

10: West Virginia Tech University. (Automatically considered for scholarship. no app fee) Apply Here

11: University of Cornel. (Application fee can be requested during application) Most Masters and PhD are funded. Apply Here

12: Michigan University Dearborn. (No application for bsc/Undergraduate, Automatic Scholarship consideration) Apply Here 

13: University of St. Thomas, Minnesota (No Application FEE, All undergraduates are considered for scholarship) Apply Here

14: Denison University (No app fee) Apply Here

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15: University of Lynchburg Apply here

16: New Mexico State University. (No app fee for chemistry and biochemistry Masters and PhD. Automatic funding once admitted) Apply Here

17: University of South Carolina. (This school get funding. one of my people is already on the process. No application fee for Masters)  Apply Here

Don’t miss out on these incredible opportunities to shape your academic future! 🚀🎓

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