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Chapter 38 of the book 'Thoughts From A Wild Dreamer', titled "The Journey of Life's Tapestry,

In a world where the pulse of existence is often measured in seconds, Chapter 38 of the book ‘Thoughts From A Wild Dreamer’, titled “The Journey of Life’s Tapestry,” invites you to slow down, breathe, and immerse yourself in the artistry of life’s unfolding narrative. Through the eloquence of verses, the poet delves into the essence of existence, challenging the contemporary ethos of instant gratification and celebrating the beauty inherent in life’s journey.


In a world where speed is the new creed, 

A generation craves for all they need, 

But life’s a journey, a winding road,

 A story that unfolds, a tale untold.

In a world of instant gratification, 

Where patience seems a lost sensation, 

A generation yearns for validation, 

Forgetting life’s a journey, not a destination.  

The seeds we plant need time to bloom,  

Through storms and sunshine, 

High and low, they find their room, 

The roots run deep, the branches wide, 

For growth is slow, a dance with fate, 

A lesson learned, a truth innate. 

In life’s grand tapestry, we all reside  

No shortcuts to wisdom, no instant gains, no fast track to grace, 

The path to greatness, through joy and pains, 

In every step is a chance to learn, 

To fan the flames, to let them burn. 

The lessons we learn, etched upon our face, 

In the quiet moments, when we pause and reflect,  

We find the strength to rise, to grow, and connect. 

So, dear generation, take a breath, 

Embrace the journey, from birth to death, 

For life’s a canvas, a work of art, 

A masterpiece, where we all take part.   

Oh, listen to the whispers of the wind, 

Embrace the process, let your soul be pinned, 

To the rhythm of life’s unfolding symphony, 

For in each step,lies the beauty of our destiny.

And as the sun sets on this chapter of our tale, 

Remember, patience and perseverance is a lifelong friend, 

For life’s process is a voyage to explore, 

In every moment, we find what we’re searching for, 

In every step, we find our purpose, our place. 

BY; Amin Mohammed


In a symphony of words, the poet reflects on the paradox of our fast-paced world, where the thirst for immediate fulfillment overshadows the profound tapestry of life. The verses echo the importance of patience and resilience in the face of a culture that often seeks shortcuts to wisdom and success. The metaphor of planting seeds and allowing them to grow encapsulates the slow dance of life, emphasizing the inevitability of storms and sunshine, highs and lows.

The poem encourages introspection, urging readers to embrace each moment as a chance to learn and grow. It paints a vivid picture of life’s grand tapestry, woven with the threads of experience, and invites us to recognize the innate beauty within the process. The whispers of the wind and the rhythm of life’s unfolding symphony beckon us to be attuned to the subtleties, to find purpose in each step, and to savor the journey itself.

As the poetic journey concludes, the reader is left with a lingering sense of the timeless wisdom embedded in the verses. “Thoughts From A Wild Dreamer” extends an invitation to dive deeper into the eloquent exploration of life’s intricacies. If you yearn for inspiration, seek a connection with the profound, and wish to unravel the mysteries of your own journey, click on the link below to purchase the entire collection. Let the pages of this book become a companion in your contemplative moments, guiding you through the vast landscapes of thought and emotion.

Click here to embark on the journey and order “Thoughts From A Wild Dreamer.” Embrace the beauty of life’s tapestry, one verse at a time, and discover the profound treasures that await within its pages.

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