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In the dynamic world of public relations, women are carving out their space and reshaping the industry.

In the dynamic world of public relations, women are carving out their space and reshaping the industry. Recently, DTC official GH had the privilege of hosting Jacqueline Johnson Quaye, Assistant Communications Coordinator for Women in PR Ghana, and a seasoned PR professional. In this exclusive interview, we dive deep into the initiatives taken by Women in PR to empower women, foster inclusivity, and navigate the evolving landscape of public relations.

Shaping the PR Landscape

Founded in 2017 by Faith Senam Ocloo, a fashion PR specialist, Women in PR Ghana aimed to create a supportive community for women in the field. Jacqueline Johnson Quaye sheds light on the organization’s activities, such as the annual Women in PR Summit, industry-versus-classroom initiatives, and Twitter Spaces conversations. These initiatives provide a platform for seasoned PR practitioners to share insights, connect with students, and discuss essential topics in the ever-evolving world of PR.

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Empowering Women in PR

Addressing the perception that women are underrepresented in the PR sector, Jacqueline emphasizes the organization’s commitment to empowerment. Women in PR Ghana actively amplifies the achievements of women in the field, creating visibility and recognition. The organization also operates a job bank, offering members opportunities to share job openings and fostering mentorship for professionals at different career levels.

Nurturing Future PR Professionals

In a world where the youth is drawn to the entertainment industry, Women in PR takes a proactive approach to mentorship. Jacqueline encourages students to explore opportunities within the entertainment sector, highlighting the need for PR specialists in the field. By conducting workshops and campus events, the organization aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice, preparing students for a career in PR.

Embracing Influencer Collaboration

As the conversation turns to influencer marketing, Jacqueline dispels any notion of intimidation. She emphasizes the indispensability of influencers in today’s PR landscape, citing examples like ECG’s collaboration with influencers for their app campaign. PR practitioners are urged to understand and communicate the value influencers bring to campaigns, fostering collaboration for effective results.

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Collaborate and Elevate

In a rapidly evolving PR landscape, Women in PR Ghana stands as a beacon of empowerment and collaboration. Jacqueline Johnson Quaye’s insights shed light on the importance of inclusivity, mentorship, and embracing new trends like influencer relations. As we look towards the future of PR, it’s clear that collaboration with influencers is not just beneficial—it’s essential.

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