About Amin Mohammed

Amin Mohammed is a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (NLP), Author, Transformational Trainer, Public Speaker, and Master of Ceremony (MC). 

As a content creator, Amin shares insights, stories and also interviews entrepreneurs and successful individuals on his YouTube channel DTC OfficialGh. As the Chief Executive Officer of Dreamers Transformational Consult, Amin has given over 70 talks on transformation, mentored over 200 individuals ranging from student leaders to start-up business owners, organized transformational events for 576 people, and impacted over 10,000 lives through speaking engagements. 

Amin is the author of Dream Of A Dreamer and Thoughts From A Wild Dreamer

Amin is the former Secretary for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Skills Development of the National Union of Ghana Students, the Co-Founder of Ayaht Naturals and a firefighter and safety officer at the Ghana Port and Harbor Authority. 
Feel free to describe me as a professional hustler! 
With a passion for inspiring and empowering individuals, Amin is available for public speaking opportunities on a variety of impactful topics. 
His speaking topics include: 

1. Transformation and Personal Development: Unleashing your potential, achieving personal growth, and creating lasting change. 

2. Academic Excellence: Strategies for excelling academically, improving study habits, and achieving educational goals. 
3. Dreamers and Dreaming Big: Igniting the power of dreams, overcoming obstacles, and creating a vision for success. 
4. Youth Empowerment and Leadership: Empowering young leaders, fostering leadership skills, and making a positive impact in communities. 
5. Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprises: Nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit, building successful businesses, and creating social impact. 
6. .Effective Communication and NLP Techniques: Enhancing communication skills, utilizing Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and connecting with others effectively. 
7. Motivation and Inspiration: Inspiring individuals to find their inner drive, overcome challenges, and achieve greatness. 
8. Event Hosting and Master of Ceremony: Creating memorable experiences, engaging audiences, and hosting remarkable events. 
9. Mentoring and Coaching: Empowering individuals through mentoring and coaching, guiding them towards success and personal growth. 
10. Youth Leadership and Civic Engagement: Encouraging youth to take leadership roles, engage in civic activities, and contribute to positive social change. 
With his dynamic speaking style and wealth of experience, Amin captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impact. 
Book Amin Mohammed today for your next event or conference and inspire your audience towards transformation and success  
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