2024 Chinese Government Scholarship at East China University: Unlocking Opportunities for International Students

2024 Chinese government scholarship


Tuition waiver, on-campus accommodation, comprehensive medical insurance and monthly living allowance.

Application Deadline: Feb. 29th, 2024


1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and in good health, with a valid degree (Bachelor’s degree for Master applicants, Master’s degree for Ph.D. applicants).

2. Applicants should meet the language requirements

  • Chinese-taught Program: minimum requirements of HSK 5 for 210 or HSK 6 for 180. Those who’ve been granted bachelor or master’s degree from a Chinese-taught program at a Chinese university can apply for exemption from HSK requirements.
  • English-taught Program: minimum requirements of TOEFL 80, or IELTS 6.0, or provide proof of English-taught program during previous degree. Native English speakers do not need to submit the English Proficiency Certificate. 

ECUST agency number: 10251

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Available Majors

School of Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering and TechnologyMaster3YearsChinese/English
Chemical EngineeringPhD4YearsChinese/English
Chemical TechnologyPhD4YearsChinese/English
School of Resources and Environmental EngineeringEnvironmental Science and EngineeringMaster3YearsEnglish
Environmental Science and EngineeringPhD4YearsEnglish

Application Procedures

1. Submit application online.

Visit ECUST online application system, register, select “Online Application- Self-sponsored- Doctoral Student/ Master Student”, and submit application documents according to the system prompts. Scholarship applicants need to upload the corresponding scholarship application forms.

* All applicants (self-sponsored or scholarship) are requested to submit application as Self-sponsored. Each applicant applies only once, so please do not make duplicate applications.

Each applicant can upload multiple scholarship application forms at the same time, and get only one scholarship if the evaluation gets approved.

2. Pay the application fee of 600 CNY. 

If you are unable to pay online, please transfer the application fee to ECUST official bank account and upload the remittance receipt in the system before submitting your application.

* The application is invalid if the application fee has not been paid. Once paid, the application fee will not be refunded. 

Scholarship Programs

1. Chinese Government Scholarship(CGS)

Type A: Bilateral Program/ ASEAN-China Young Leaders Scholarship (ACYLS)/EU Program/AUN Program/ China-Africa Friendship Program, etc.

(1) Apply to the dispatching authorities for overseas study in your home country for CGS opportunities;

(2) Contact College of International Education to obtain a Pre-Admission Notice;

(3) Visit CGS Information Management System for International Students to submit the online application, select East China University of Science and Technology for Application Institution I, submit all of your application documents to the dispatching authorities before the deadline, download the application form and sign for confirmation, 

Type B: High-level Postgraduate Program/ Belt and Road Program, etc.

Visit CGS Information Management System for International Students to submit the online application (The agency number of East China University of Science and Technology is 10251), download the application form and sign for confirmation.

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2. Shanghai Government Scholarship(SGS)

Please visit https://ies.ecust.edu.cn/en/list.php?id=104, to download Shanghai Government Scholarships Application Form and sign for confirmation, leave the SGS Application Number blank.

* Before uploading all scholarship application forms to ECUST online system, please make sure all of them have been signed.

* Please refer to the CGS official website and the notice from your home country’s local international student dispatch department which is in charge of CGS opportunity, to learn more about application details and requirements of CGS-Type A.

* The information of CGS-Type B, SGS will be notified separately. 

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